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TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax

Creating the Distinction Launches TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax


Should you don’t like studying watch this.

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Innovation is on the coronary heart of what we do at Creating the Distinction.  In 2016, Creating The Distinction launched a product referred to as That Wow Issue TR. This product was the primary in a line of merchandise designed to change bowling ball efficiency, with out altering the floor of the bowling ball.

Take a look at this video of That Wow Issue TR

This product was used throughout competitors. In 2019, rule 18 concerning utilizing bowling ball cleaners throughout competitors was modified. This rule change allowed a bowling ball cleaner to solely be used earlier than and after competitors. This rule change successfully eliminated That Wow Issue TR from the Creating the Distinction product line. Because it needs to be utilized each shot.


Urethane vs Reactive

In bowling a significant distinction between Urethane and Reactive bowling balls could be summed up by merely saying:  Urethane bowling balls do not take up oil. Reactive bowling balls do.

Watch this video to see why.

Oil Absorption and it is function in efficiency

Oil absorption is without doubt one of the main parts that impacts a balls capacity to hook. Balls that take up oil can create friction sooner than balls that do not. Which means the potential for elevated hook is larger if a ball absorbs oil. 


Check out the above image.  You’ll discover, the picture is exhibiting a microscopic view of two forms of coverstocks. A Urethane Purple Hammer on the left and a Reactive Storm HyRoad on the best. Discover the black (dots) holes on the Reactive ball which are unfold out throughout the picture. These are the pores within the Reactive coverstock that take up oil. A real Urethane ball, just like the Purple Hammer, doesn’t have pores to soak up oil. If you wish to know extra about Urethane and Reactive coverstocks watch this video from USBC.

CREDIT: The Sport of Bowling – USBC YouTube

What in regards to the different “Urethane” balls?


Not all Urethane balls are actually Urethane, and never all Reactive balls take up oil on the identical charge.  That is the place advertising and marketing coverstock names comes into play.  Names like MicroCell Polymer, Not Urethane (NU), Controll Urethane, together with different names are utilized by producers to market bowling balls to their shoppers.

In 2023, the PBA determined to make clear the definition of a Urethane ball through the use of oil absorption as the standards and saying the next.

“Now we have a present listing of conventional Urethane balls which might be the preliminary “Urethane-Like” balls. If any of those are larger than 78.0HD and made since 8/1/22 they might be authorized for PBA Nationwide Tour competitors after 1/1/2024 (all balls on the listing made after 8/1/22 are authorized for the remainder of this 2023 PBA season). For the longer term, we’d take a look at any new ball for oil absorption and something larger than 45 minutes could be thought of “Urethane-Like.” Any ball within the Urethane-like class would then should be a minimal of 78.0HD. New polyester/plastic balls will principally seemingly fall into this class as effectively, however shouldn’t have any challenge being above the 78.0HD minimal. Any new ball with an oil absorption of lower than 45 minutes would then fall into the usual class and be allowed to make the most of the 73.0HD minimal. New balls on this class will want a novel identifier, like a pin or marking on the ball.”

CREDIT: PBA. Hyperlink to the total article.

If you’re excited by why hardness issues a lot watch this video.

Right here is extra training on hardness, particularly with new 78D hardness Urethane bowling balls made in response to the PBA rule change.

CtD has been working with its improvement companion Turtle Wax to work on making a product for bowling that will cease or reduce oil absorption with the intention to create a Urethane kind efficiency out of any Reactive ball. We additionally needed the flexibility to take away this efficiency attribute when so desired.  The sort of product would enable bowlers to get extra efficiency choices out of their present tools, and extra particularly assist bowlers who wrestle with an excessive amount of hook on account of:

  • Gradual Ball Velocity 
  • Moist/Dry Lane Situations
  • Transition 
  • Rev Dominant Gamers
  • Drier Lane Situations
  • When a Smoother Response is Desired
  • When a Spare Ball Hooks Too A lot
  • Younger Youngsters That Cannot Management Their Hook 
  • Seniors That Wrestle to Get Their Ball Down The Lane
  • Collegiate Bowlers who’re bowling on More durable Sport Patterns
  • Youth Bowlers Who Can Solely Take so Many Balls to a Event 
  • PBA Gamers Who Need The Efficiency of Urethane With out The Further Hardness Constraint of a Urethane Bowling Ball on Tour 
  • Individuals That Watch Their Associates Throw The Purple Hammer However They Cannot 😉
  • Anybody Who Desires to Change Their Response on a Ball They Do not At the moment Like

After working with Turtle Wax’s Analysis and Growth staff. We had been capable of develop our most revolutionary product to this point. 

Introducing TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax 

This product is a semi everlasting gloss that has the flexibility to cease or gradual oil absorption in any Reactive bowling ball. This product modifications ball response drastically and might make your Reactive ball carry out identical to Urethane.  The altered efficiency is designed to final 6 to 9 video games when carried out on a ball spinner or 3 to six video games when carried out correctly by hand. This product could be utterly eliminated through the use of TruCut Sanding Pads.  It’s a simple to make use of liquid that gives a sturdy bonded polymer coat on the floor of the bowling ball.

There’s a proprietary mixture of coating applied sciences mixed that present a sturdy pore penetrating protect on the floor of the bowling ball.  TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax has 4 distinctive attributes on a bowling ball.

  1. It makes the bowling ball oleophobic (oil repelling).
  2. Stops or slows oil absorption in all Reactive bowling balls
  3. Gives superior resistance to grime and scuff marks sticking to the bowling ball.
  4. Feels slick to the contact, making it a requirement to make use of two fingers to pickup the bowling ball.

You possibly can see from the picture beneath of a bowling ball that has been handled vs one which hasn’t. The handled ball actually repels lane oil and might trigger it to bead up.

Vital Notice

This product isn’t designed to supply a excessive shine to a bowling ball and it’s NOT a wax. It is main goal is to change bowling ball efficiency.  If you’re searching for a excessive shine look please take a look at our TruCut Hand Utilized Polish PLUS Powered by Turtle Wax product.

TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax is a skinny liquid and isn’t thick like a polish.

The Efficiency of TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax

TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax supplies elevated skid by each the entrance and center parts of the lane. Whereas considerably reducing the backend efficiency when added to ANY bowling ball. That is why we advocate sanding the ball with a TruCut Sanding Pad like 500 grit FIRST earlier than making use of TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax. Utilizing a better base floor grit could make a Reactive bowling ball go a lot straighter. Anticipate to see about 5-10 boards much less hook, relying on the kind of bowling ball used and the way you throw the bowling ball. 

How one can Use TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax 

To be able to create a Urethane efficiency from any Reactive bowling ball comply with these steps.

Earlier than utilizing TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax your bowling ball ought to be cleaned with CtD’s Life After Loss of life Bowling Ball Cleaner Plus Life Extender, utilizing a TruCut Scuff Mark Remover if wanted.

Utilizing the CtD Bowling Ball Spinner:

1. Sand the Reactive bowling ball utilizing a 500 Grit TruCut Sanding Pad and TruCut Conditioner on 4 sides. You’ll solely must go one go on all sides with a TruCut 500 grit pad. Watch this video on methods to sand your bowling ball on a ball spinner 

Notice: Utilizing non TruCut sanding pads could lead to a non desired consequence and inconsistent efficiency. That is extremely not advisable.

2. Shake the bottle effectively earlier than utilizing the TruCut Gloss.

3. Apply a half greenback measurement quantity to the Microfiber facet of a CtD BAM Pad or CtD Energy Pad.

4. Utilizing a up and down movement on 4 sides of the bowling ball go for 20 seconds per facet.  Every time you alter sides apply a further half greenback measurement quantity of TruCut Gloss.  This ensures that a number of layers of safety are utilized.

5. You’ll discover the ball will start to really feel slick to the contact. This is a sign that the product has been utilized.  You MUST nonetheless USE 2 HANDS to take away the ball from the spinner.

6. Wipe the ball dry with a clear CtD Energy Pad or CtD BAM Pad.

7. IMPORTANT: Don’t use another bowling ball cleaner in your ball to wipe the ball off aside from CtD Life After Loss of life. Utilizing different merchandise can cut back the effectiveness of the TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax.

8. For max sturdiness enable the ball to sit down 30 minutes earlier than use.

Should you desire to have the ball go straighter, use a better base grit like TruCut 1000, 1500, or 2000.  For max straightness, have the bottom grit at TruCut 2000, 3000, 4000, P5000D on a ball spinner. Then polish the ball with TruCut Hand Utilized Polish PLUS and eventually comply with it with TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax.

 If you’re excited by watching how the applying course of works, watch this.



That is what’s going to occur if you don’t put floor in your ball earlier than utilizing TruCut Gloss. Plus a bit of trick utilizing That Wow Issue HM.




How lengthy does this product final on the ball and might it’s eliminated?

TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax lasts 6 to 9 video games when used with a ball spinner or 3 to six when utilized correctly by hand. It may be eliminated through the use of a TruCut Sanding Pad.

What occurs if I do nothing to my ball after the 9 video games?  

Your ball will work it is approach again to the way it was earlier than therapy.

What’s the shelf lifetime of TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax?

The life span is 5 years for unopened merchandise when stored at room temperature. Don’t let this product freeze as this can drastically shorten the shelf life. Regular life span is round 1 to 2 years when opened.

If I sand TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax off will my Reactive ball take up oil like regular?

Sure, so long as you utilize TruCut Sanding Pads the ball will return to its authentic absorption charge and efficiency properties. It is advisable to use no less than a TruCut 2000 grit pad to take away the entire TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax because it does penetrate and bond to the floor of the ball.

Can I nonetheless wipe my ball off after each shot?

Sure, it’s extremely advisable that you just use the CtD BAM pad to wipe the ball off after each shot.  It will take away oil buildup, and never take away the TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax.

Can I clear my ball off Earlier than and After competitors?

Sure, nonetheless solely use CtD Life After Loss of life Bowling Ball Cleaner. Another Bowling Ball Cleaner can shorten the lifespan of TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax.

How usually do I must reapply TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax?

It is suggested to reapply each 6 to 9 video games to make sure most constant efficiency and longevity.  

Is that this product USBC Accepted?

USBC would not approve merchandise like TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax. They’ve checked out it and have informed us they don’t have a difficulty with it. You CAN use a ball handled with TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax in USBC competitors. However, you CANNOT apply this product throughout competitors. It might probably solely be utilized to your bowling ball earlier than and after competitors.

Is that this product PBA Accepted?

Much like USBC the PBA would not approve merchandise like this. They understand it and don’t have a challenge with it. 

Can TruCut Gloss be bought by itself?

Right now, TruCut Gloss is just obtainable in a equipment. The smallest equipment provided for TruCut Gloss is an 8oz Bottle of TruCut Gloss and a 500 Grit TruCut Sanding Pad

Will my handled ball create carry down much like a Urethane ball?

Kind of. This product is designed to make your ball behave like Urethane. Meaning carry down is feasible. Nevertheless a significant distinction right here is that the majority Reactive balls available on the market are inclined to flare way more than the present true Urethane balls.  You possibly can confirm this by wanting on the Differential core numbers.  This implies you could not expertise the identical quantity of carry down as conventional Urethane bowling balls.

Floor Change: 

All bowling balls expertise floor change by use.  A bowling ball will naturally migrate from no matter end it’s at.  To a floor that’s 4700 grit.  The additional away from this ending grit a ball is, the quicker it would migrate in direction of it.  Reactive bowling balls will migrate quicker than a real Urethane will. Understanding this makes it necessary to grasp that floor change can impression the ball response as effectively. So sustain along with your bowling ball floor. If you wish to discover out what your precise floor is. Check out our CtD Floor Scanner.

If I apply a number of coats on the ball will that improve the impression of the product?

Sure this product could be layered on itself. 

Is that this product like RainX, Automotive Wax, Finesse-It or another bowling product?

No, this is not your grand dad’s polish.  In actual fact it isn’t a polish in any respect, it is referred to as Gloss for a cause. The expertise behind this product is one thing that’s distinctive to bowling.


Do I’ve to sand the ball to TruCut 500 grit?

No, however that’s the simplest technique to get a Urethane form efficiency out of your Reactive bowling ball.  The upper the bottom grit used the straighter the ball will go. Have you ever ever seen somebody utilizing a cultured true Urethane ball?  The reply is No and there’s a good cause for that. 🤣

If that does not make sense watch this?

Can I take advantage of this on a Urethane Ball?

Sure and it’ll dramatically improve the size of a Urethane ball.

Can I apply it to a plastic ball?

Sure if the specified response is straight it is a nice product to make use of on a plastic ball or spare ball.

Does this product change the hardness of a bowling ball?

No, there isn’t any impression to hardness when utilizing this product.

Can you utilize this product by hand?

Sure, you’ll be able to add a 500 Grit TruCut floor to the bowling ball then you’ll be able to apply TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax utilizing a CtD BAM Pad or CtD Energy Pad by hand and let sit for 30 minutes earlier than use.  The sort of software will final 3 to six video games.  It is suggested to make use of a spinner to make sure even protection and to get the most lasting outcomes potential of 6 to 9 video games.

You possibly can order this product HERE.

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