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Educating #Night
Artemis BJJ (7 Easton Rd), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK – 09/11/2022

The primary fundamental kneebar I ever taught was one I discovered from Seymour. You method the guard as if you’re going for a move, that means you might be in a crouching posture, shuffling ahead. Face straight forward (do not look down), urgent your shin into the again of their leg. Quite than passing, you are as a substitute going to backstep to the surface, so that you’re now trying in direction of their foot.

Sit on them, securing their knee by wrapping your arm. Drop to the facet, utilizing their foot as pillow. Cross your arms, triangle your legs, driving the hips by. Be certain their foot is beneath your head, not above it, You don’t need them to have the ability to rotate, as that facilitates their escape.

Second choice from Charles Harriott. This time, do every part the identical as earlier than, till you get to the half the place you might be sat on them and securing their leg along with your arm. As an alternative, seize each legs. As earlier than, drop to the facet, however it’s worthwhile to be sure the leg you might be attacking is on high. Deliver your elbow excessive whereas nonetheless holding their leg (Charles calls his a snapdown guillotine movement), to place their foot in your armpit.

That underarm end requires their leg to be on the facet of your head that’s away from the ground. That method is stronger, as your arm and leg can clamp their leg extra successfully in place. In case you are going underarm along with your backside arm, it could be simpler for them to show their leg.

I will additionally hold including in my security video, as I do not assume this will get emphasised when educating leglocks almost sufficient. Actually essential: for twisting leglocks (which might occur by chance, within the not unusual occasion that the individual being footlocked tries to explosively spin to free their leg), faucet to strain, to not ache.


Educating Notes: I might in all probability do two, as it’s basically only a slight variation reasonably than a complete new approach. Although yeah, if I need to unfold issues out, it did not really feel sparse doing simply the one variation throughout two classes. Then once more, if I did put them collectively, then I might do that on a Monday, adopted by the vs knee protect type on a Wednesday (including in a bit about how spinning by with the knee throughout, like on the knee protect model, works for many entries).



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