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BIKERS BRAWLERS BADASSES!!! | World of Martial Arts


What’s actual violence? What’s it prefer to reside on the earth of Bikers, Brawlers, and Badasses?
What occurs when sh*t hits the fan on Historic Battlefields to Fashionable Jail?

Mahipal Lunia Explorer in Residence on the Immersion Institute explains to Mick Tully what the following symposium will reveal 19/22 July 2024 in Bay Space, California, USA.

    A number of Indian battlefield arts (from the Twelfth-Fifteenth century, predating all Koryu) will share their strategies collectively. Expertise the terrifying Urumi (versatile sword), the valiant Sword & Defend of the Sikhs, and the ambush/deception strategies utilizing Bandana and Knife.
  • Mahipal Lunia
    Faanda & Chura Baazi
    (Knife & Scarf)
    The Means of Deception
    Steering with the Knife
    Strangulation & Neck-breaks
  • Jagjit Singh & Harjaap Singh
    Sikh Talwar & Dhaal
    Introduction to Sword & Defend
    Preventing Ways
    A number of Opponents
  • Anil Natyaveda & Dr. Aparna Sindhoor
    Urumi / Kalari-ppayattu
    Double-edged Versatile Sword
    Footwork & Technique
    How the fashionable arts have tailored to the truth of the road—throws and chokes from BJJ & Shuai Jiao, Golok (machete) and Axe from the imply streets of Indonesia, and the awe-inspiring Espada y Daga (Sword & Dagger) from the battlegrounds of the Philippines.
  • Tim Cartmell
    (Empty Hand) BJJ & Shuai Jiao
    Ideas of Efficient Throwing
    Devastating Chokes
    Combat Finishers
  • Stevan Plinck
    (Single Weapon) Sera Silat
    Preventing with the Golok/Machete
    Tomahawk Strategies
    Effectivity & Effectiveness
  • Mark Mikita
    (Double Weapon) Eskrima
    Espada y Daga Strategies
    Double Knife
    Environment friendly Finishes
    How does regulation enforcement take care of hidden weapons and edged violence? This matter is coupled with the techniques and movement of pure knife preventing when issues go amok. These strategies have been taught to varied LEO and particular forces around the globe.
  • Rory Miller
    Meditation on Violence
    Improvised & Hid Weapons
    Battle Communication
    Disrupting the OODA Loop
  • Tom Sotis
    The Means of Ways
    Knife Ways
    Frameworks for Optimum Efficiency
    Human Movement with Knife
    The condensed knowledge from bikers and bouncers in recognizing and diffusing violence as wanted, is paired with the usage of the Irish stick brawling on this section.
  • Kewesi Simon
    Classes from Bouncers
    From the Streets of Oakland
    Recognizing Intent
    Diffusing Violence
  • Trevor Latham
    Classes from Bouncers
    From the Streets of Oakland
    Recognizing Intent
    Diffusing Violence
  • Callum Carmichael
    Brawling with the Irish Stick
    Overview of Bataireacht
    When violence breaks out in prisons, it escalates rapidly. Naked-knuckle soiled boxing is normal. To take care of this Jailhouse Rock/52 Blocks is available in. Lastly, when edged weapons come, it unleashes mayhem. Get a peek into the strategies and patterns of uncooked preventing.
  • Miguel Lopez
    Naked-Knuckle Boxing
    Iron Protection
    Soiled Preventing
    Ending strikes
  • Kenneth Goodman
    52 Blocks / Jailhouse Rock
    Countering the Boxer
    New York Shuffle
    Excessive Violence
  • Dean Franco
    Jail Blade
    4 Ranges of Knife across the World
    Deception Ways
    Asymmetrical Violence
    Uncover secrets and techniques of hidden and esoteric martial cultures with unique and complete insights. Uncommon glimpses into by no means earlier than revealed martial cultures by professional researchers.
  • Brian Bales
    Making ready for Excessive Violence
  • Dr. T.J. Desch-Obi
    Hoplology of African Diaspora Arts
  • David Navarrete
    Spanish Gypsy Knife – Navaja
  • Paul Porter
    Energy Technology
  • Mahipal Lunia
    Hoplology of Bharatiya Yudh Kala (Overview of Indian Martial Arts)

Listing of Ambassadors is Topic to Change

It’s INTENSE… 40 hours, 15 world class ambassadors .. 06.00hrs to 22.00hrs for 3 days. It would by no means be repeated.

Extra info at www.The ImmersionLabs

A few of the lecturers have shunned public limelight and continued to work in personal till now…

Interviewed by Mick Tully who’s a JKD Teacher underneath Guro Dan Inosanto and Rick Faye. He runs MKG Coventry and is a BJJ black belt.

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